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Perfect for foodpreneurs


Check out the Food for Thought questions.


During the planning, we will help you through the following question.

  1. What dishes are you selling?
  2. How do you want to price them?
  3. Who are your target customers?
  4. How do consumers reach you?
  5. What equipment do you require?
  6. Where is your preferred location?


Brainstorm on all possibilities to achieve your goal

WEEK 1~3

Please fill in our interest form so that we understand your concept better.

We will brainstorm together on how we can collaborate to meet your needs and achieve your goals! Our team will work with you to improve your process workflow, increasing production capacity and cost-efficiency.


Reserve your kitchen slot and start build your F&B Business

Week 4

Interest Form

Please fill-up the form below so we could better understand your needs and follow up with you.

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