Quarter Life Coffee

As advocates of coffee culture, Quarter Life Coffee hope to create and kindle a deeper appreciation of coffee as a lifestyle, sharing engaging stories of producers, roasters and baristas, inviting you to rediscover coffee as an experience. The coffee here are all single-origin, sourced from different parts of the world through reputable partners like Cofinet (Colombia) and Mercanta (UK). Every cup is brewed with beans that are roasted locally on a weekly basis in small batches under stringent parameters, ensuring the unique characteristics of each bean are manifested at its best.

Dedicated to serving high-quality, everyday coffee, be it black, white or a pour over, you know your daily dose will be a great one. Check out their latest creation – Summer Espresso Spritz, an invigorating blend of espresso and soda with a tinge of citrus flavours that’s unlike any other ice coffee served in the market. While enjoying your coffee, don’t forget to grab a croissant or two to complement and complete the experience.

Operating Hours
8.00am – 5.00pm (Daily)

Seasonal coffee beans and brewing kits are also available at Culture Spoon.

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