Mamilani Home Cook

Previously a 3D designer with a background in architecture, Rosalyn took a leap of faith to start an F&B business and continue the legacy of her mother’s cooking. The name Mamilani is inspired by “Mami” being “mother” in Indonesian while “Lani” comes from her mom’s name “Lanita”. Focused on Indonesian cuisine with her own twist, her specially curated dishes are adapted from her mother’s recipes – a fusion of Peranakan and Chinese-style (Cina Bentang) cooking, becoming one of its kind in Singapore.

Try the hearty Dendeng Balado Rice set that is made with a combination of thinly sliced beef, sunny side up and our quintessential Southeast Asian condiment – Sambal Chilli. For non-beef eaters, go for the sweet and fragrant Kalasan Fried Chicken Rice set served with tofu, tempeh, and signature chilli. Don’t forget to grab a pack of Potato Chips with Dried Shrimp (limited stocks!) as an after-meal snack… You will thank us later.

11.30am – 2.30pm (Wed, Fri & Sat)
5.30pm – 9.00pm (only Wed)

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Mamilani Home Cook


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