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Ex-marketer Michael was on the search for sugar-free fruit jams for a family member undergoing medical treatment, when he realise there was a lack in such options in the market. After failing to find anything suitable, he decided to create his own version and spent a few months doing repeated trials to improvise his recipes. His perseverance finally paid off, and the self-taught jam maker finally struck the balance to create a fruit jam that uses no added sugar, while preserving its fruity essence using 100% natural ingredients.

Level up your morning toasts with M Spreads’ fruit jams. With no artificial preservatives and sugar added, be surprised by its natural sweetness and rich flavours from these handcrafted jams.

* Blueberry Jam (220g)
* Pineapple Jam (105g/220g)
* Strawberry Jam (105g/220g)

No sugar or preservatives added.

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